The well-traveled Ellen Burr pushes the envelope and sticks the stamp of excellence on solo flute playing (its sound, impact and aftereffects), examining what happens when abandon and intellect intersect.
"Pick of the Week", LA Weekly

Ellen Burr provides a thrilling adventure…Creative artists such as Burr, who turn the flute into a tool for exploration, give their audience a wide range of aural experiences.
Jim Santella, Cadence Magazine

Ellen Burr's deftly twisted flute and voice mixtures - sometimes sounding like 2–1/2 musicians in one body.  Josef Woodard, Los Angeles Times

[…] Any reservations the listener might have regarding solo flute playing are overcome by Burr's grasp of dynamics and her willingness to explore the full potential of her instrument [...]. Ultimately Ellen Burr's music comes across as that of a restless and questing spirit in the best sense of the notion. The thought of more of it on disc is nothing but an enticing one, and the sooner it comes the better.  Nic Jones, All About Jazz

Burr's phrasing is a delight […] Burr breaks off of her poise to blow a compelling Kirk-esque solo.
François Couture,

Ellen Burr is the voice of clarity on flute and piccolo.  Greg Burk, L.A. Weekly

Ms. Burr is a most impressive flute player, as she explores all sorts of sounds and extended techniques on both of her flutes…She really is nothing short of amazing.
BLG, Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter

The music is not only conceptually interesting, but aesthetically engaging as well.

WNUR 89.3 FM Chicago: Chicago's Sound Experiment, The Jazz Show

The way in which flutist Ellen Burr shapes her musical creativity is remarkably personal in several aspects. Eduardo Fontana, Amazing Sounds Record Pool

[…] She is gifted with a unique personality […] Ellen vivisections her instrument to bring out its most hidden characters, employing a range of techniques going from pure atonal phrasing to raucous vocal/air utterances, all the way through a whole world of multiphonics and particles of lingual chattering.  Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

"[…] Ellen's brilliant passion of rapport with the music invited an ardent audience into her living room of music ecstasy."  Kim,