Ellen, at our Santa Ana concert, conducted the Los Angeles Flute Orchestra with poise, confidence and self-assurance. In the concert, as well as at rehearsals, she was relaxed and on top of her game. Ellen was one hundred percent there with the music and her concept was clear and easy to follow. We responded with what I thought was one of our best performances. Her apparent joy and love of music connected all the members in LAFO with each other and the audience.
Roland Tso, Los Angeles Flute Orchestra

Ellen is available to conduct groups ranging from small chamber ensembles to large orchestras.
I love conducting

When I'm conducting, I feel like I have the best seat in the house and it's an honor to be in that position. I like to help my players feel confident and secure, so that they not only play to the best of their abilities, but exceed it!
As a conductor, I'm in charge of rehearsals. I strive to get the most done in the least amount of time. I express the emotional quality of the music so that the players can get their heads out of the notes and put their hearts into the sound.
I love building teams. I feel the position of a conductor is like that of a coach. Every coach knows you can't have a team of all pitchers. Someone has to play outfield. I help everybody know the importance of their position in the piece and become the best at it. This makes the group sing!
It's my job to balance the parts. When a flute choir is in tune from the lowest double contra-bass flute to the highest piccolo, there's nothing better in my opinion. Synergy happens, and the whole of the group will be greater than each individual.