… the music is not only conceptually interesting, but aesthetically engaging as well.

WNUR 89.3 FM Chicago, Chicago's Sound Experiment: The Jazz Show
Check out Ellen's Graphic Score in "Notations 21"
Ellen is available to score concert music, films, theater, dance, television and radio programs. She also gives workshops and lectures on composition.
I began composing when I was fifteen and I strive to explore the full range of musical emotion and texture, and to create music that is not easily categorized. I'm interested in music as part of a greater whole. I've written chamber music pieces with indeterminate sections for improvisation and sound scores for dance and theater. I've been influenced by the Fluxus movement, composers like Earle Brown, John Cage and others from the 1960's, as well as by the Living Theater, Ann Bogart's SITI Company and Bread and Puppet Theater. My compositional work is about creating a space and creating an intensity of energy that moves through that space. I do this with a combination of written material, structured improvisation and spatial location. I am currently developing a multi-disciplinary improvisation style mixed with indeterminate and structured improvisational forms; and using this to bring together strictly classical musicians with improvising musicians, dancers, actors, videographers and poets. I am also interested in exploring a notation to express an idea of structure and movement that can intermediate all the real time performing arts.


Concert Music

(Year Written, Title, Instrumentation,  Length, Year Recorded)

  • 2008 Urban Biome, Large Chamber Ensemble, 9:19
  • 2007 Cadenza without a Concerto, Solo Flute Improvisation, 5:17  (2007)
  • 2006 FIVE, Opera, 40:00 (2008)
  • 2006 Courage, Jazz Ensemble, 10:00  (2006)
  • 2006 Sizes, Jazz Ensemble, 10:00   (2006)
  • 2005 Fireworks, Mixed Improvisational Ensemble, 7:46  (2006)
  • 2005 Warp Weave, Solo Flute, 7:31  (2006)
  • 2005 Ball of Yarn, Solo Flute, 7:23  (2006)
  • 2004 Breath, Chamber Orchestra, 4:49 (2004)
  • 2004 Senbazuru, Flute and Prepared String Bass,  8:49  (2006)
  • 2004 Permutations '62, Flute and Clarinet,  8:52  (2006)
  • 2000 Ink Bops, Improvisational Card Game, indeterminate
       Canon-Cards: Canon I, Flute and Bassoon, 6:59 (2006)
       Canon-Cards: Canon II, Flute and Bassoon, 7:04 (2006)
       Cards #1, Bassoon and String Bass, 4:43 (2002)
       Cards #2, Bassoon and String Bass, 2:57 (2002)
  • 2000 Four Square, Improvisational Card Game, indeterminate
  •    Four Square, Flute and Drum Set, 16:11 (2006)
       Four Square, Alto Flute and Bass Clarinet, 9:42 (2006)
  • 1985 Crystal Violet, String Quartet, 7:34 (2005)
  • 1984 Syukhtun, Solo Flute, 5:07 (2006/09)

Studies and Method Books

(Title, Publisher, Date)

  • Flutastics: the hands on approach to extended techniques, pub. by EClectic Buzz 2007, Venice, CA
    Book One: Microtones and Multiphonics
  • Flutastics: the hands on approach to extended techniques,pub. by EClectic Buzz 2008  , Venice, CA
    Book Two:Singing While Playing with a solo: Syukhtun
  • Intervallic Studies on Symmetrical Scales, pub. by EClectic Buzz 2007 , Venice, CA
    Vol. 1: Chromatic and Whole Tone Scales
    Vol. 2: Octatonic Scales


(Date, Title, Place)
  • 1992, King Lear, Women's Los Angeles Shakespeare Troupe, Los Angeles
  • 1987-92, Resident composer for The Zeta Collective, Bill Fisher & Fanny de Sousa, directors, Los Angeles. Productions included: Uncivil Liberties, Thicker Than Water, Greed, Ready? Begin!
  • 1984, A Master's Manifesto, a bi-weekly, six-part site-specific performance piece, Valencia. CA
  • 1981, Portrait of a Scandal, equity waiver-pilot theater productionHollywood, CA
  • 1978, The Frogs by Aristophanes, WSU Experimental Theater, Wichita, KS
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(Date, Title, Performer, Place)
  • 2009 Double Delight with Sara Schoenbeck, William Hedberg, Marion Ramirez and friends, New York
  • 2009 Resbox with Steve Lockwood Trio and Roxanne Steinberg, dance Hollywood
  • 2003 Medea, March to Oblivion, Morning Globe, A Single Rosehip Bursts in Praise, Manzanitos's Dance, Shadow Dance VI, Belinda Cheng, Auricle Ensemble, Los Angeles
  • 2002 Then Came the Imps, Belinda Cheng, Auricle EnsembleLos Angeles
  • 2001 Abacus, co-created with Belinda Cheng, Auricle EnsembleLos Angeles
  • 2000 The Waking and The Sleeping, Auricle Ensemble Los Angeles
  • 1996 Emerita′s Song, Tina Mantel, Los Angeles
  • 1993 Eye to Eye, Heidi Duckler, Collage Dance Theatre, Los Angeles
  • 1991 American Dream, Laurie Duperon, The It Squad, Los Angeles
  • 1989 Dance Kaleidoscope, Katja Biesanz Dance Theater, Los Angeles
  • 1989 Griddlecakes, Anet Margot Ris, Electric Waltz Productions Los Angeles
  • 1986-90 Ongoing collaboration with Anet Margot Ris Santa Monica
  • 1986 Sunday in the Park with Art, Tina Mantel Los Angeles
  • 1985-87 Improv Structures, Solar Flare, Nohome, co-created with Tina Mantel, Los Angeles
  • 1985 Emergence, master's thesis project, written, composed, directed, produced by Burr, Valencia
  • 1985 Space Project, CalArts Dance Theater, Valencia


(Date, Title)
  • 2006 Paddleby, by Mike Heinz, with Rare Birds
  • 1998 Arctic Quest by Jeff Barrie
  • 1992 Round About by Ashley McKinney
  • 1991 Distant Water by Carlos Avila
  • 1989 Long Weekend O' Despair by Greg Araki, with Dirt Tribe


(Date, Station, Title)
  • 1997 KCET (PBS) Los Angeles, Healing Voices, introduction music to program on alternative healing modalities


(Date, Station, Title)
  • 1986 NPR, Women in the Clergy, incidental music for national broadcast
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