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For her solo debut Duos, flutist Ellen Burr opted for a selection of duo pieces -- five of them -- bookended by two flute solos.   Burr's compositions are mostly based on graphic scores, although in some cases the sense of direction and the tightness over melodic fragments suggest more.  Some of these pieces are actually extremely well written, graphically or not, especially "Permutations '62," a kaleidoscopic duet with clarinetist Andrew Pask.

"Senbazuru", featuring Steuart Liebig on prepared bass, is another highlight, both players already sharing a rich vocabulary; Burr has appeared in several of Liebig's projects. The two suites with Sara Schoenbeck on bassoon are more abstract, but still have strong moments of virtuosity.  Here though, you can feel the graphic score hindering the interplay between the musicians.   The 16-minute "Four Square," with percussionist Jeanette Kangas, is the most formal piece here.  [...] As for the two flute solos, they are geared at showcasing not so much Burr's technique as her control and range of expression.  For instance,"Ball of Yarn" is a gripping emotional piece, with lots of Kirk-like breathing; few women care to go down that fiery road and Burr does it with gusto.  Duos is the album of an accomplished flute player and a convincing composer.
François Couture, All Music Guide